Posted June 03,2016

Y&K choice

Each week we do reviews of interesting books, movies and applications in fashion industry. We want to share the most interesting and useful tools to  work in this industry.


This week our choice is a book Dior by Dior – an autobiography of the great couturier Christian Dior. In times of fast fashion, a few collections in the quarter, a crazy rhythm of fashion weeks, sometimes you want to go back to the times of couture atelier and true luxury. You’ll find it all in the autobiography book of Christian Dior.


Y&K выбор 2


It could be said that more books were devoted to the brand and the designer Christian Dior than to  anyone in the fashion world. Why then should we read it? The answer is simple: the great couturier himself wrote it; this is his life in his words without interpretation and any personal feelings or opinions of anyone else.


This is an intimate story of the world’s greatest designer, as well as a man who loved gardens and each couture outfit he has ever created. He loved all his creations as children who left father’s house and went out in the world. In this book, the designer opens his soul to the reader and it is the main treasure. Almost every biography written by someone for someone  is a paraphrase of someone else’s life, from the point of view. In the case of this autobiography, the man who has lived his life tells the story of his ups and downs, how to reach the top of the fashion Olympus without PR-agencies and bloggers.


We choose a book Dior by Dior, and encourage everyone who is interested in fashion and its history to read it. This book is a reason to stay at home and read the story of one of the greatest designers of the twentieth century.