Posted June 10,2016

Fashion as science?



Can such creative sphere as fashion be a proper science? Does scientific approach to fashion, as a discipline work? And that can happen from a mixture of fashion and science? We have tried to find answers on all these questions in our article dedicated to the second anniversary of Y & K worldwide company.


To begin with, we would like to come up with the meaning of the term science to better define the relationship with fashion: science – an area of human activity, aimed at the elaboration and systematization of objective knowledge of reality.


Acting as consultants of various brands, we are faced with questions of systematization of our knowledge of fashion sphere, and further implementing them on the daily basis. The core of our work – is a comprehensive approach to the brands development, and the methods often used are not scientific, as if we’re not aiming for. This is mainly  caused by the fact that fashion is not a common discipline in the education market in the CIS countries and the the lack of academic literature. We are accustomed to perceive the sphere of fashion as a purely practical.


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It is hard not to see the connection between fashion and sciences – in order to work in the field you need to know the theory and history of art, sociology, economics, and sometimes chemistry. International companies are more and more interested in a wide range of skills . For example, the winner of London College of Fashion and conglomerate Kering contest, Ingrid Rautemberg is mostly studying chemistry rather than fashion as such. The project which gave her a first place is a science in its purest form – a new type of degradable plastic which brand Alexander McQueen, owned by conglomerate will start using in its products. It is interesting that even before completing her studies at the university, the student was invited to work in the laboratory of the brand Gucci in Florence. Thus emphasizes the importance of scientists and science within major brands.


One of the most “scientific” institutions in the industry,  is the company LSN Global, which positions itself as a laboratory of the future, and is mainly engaged in the prediction of global trends and movements, which are then used in the fashion and beauty industry, and even IT. Their approach is interesting in that they are like any scientists trace the dynamics of the trend, conduct experiments and studies of various indicators and audiences.


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To sumup we would like to say that  for centuries fashion wasn’t seen as something serious, was the sphere of creative people and artists. Today, when the industry brought billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of people instead of ten fashion designers, fashion can be called one of the most comprehensive sciences – from the studies of color, to sociology – a full mix of disciplines is accompanied by the development of the fashion business. So yes, a fashion – is a science. Science about society, art and business.