Posted May 21,2016

Do’s and dont’s of an interview

If you get to the level of an interview to get the desired position, it means that your education and previous work experience in combination with your motivation letter are interesting for an employer or agency. The first meeting and the first interview is the only chance to impress your employer. PLease do not assume that if you have been invited to an interview, you are getting the job. Sometimes an employer is just curious so he may schedule an interview;


Business People Waiting Nervously


  • Come on time. Not 10 minutes earlier or five minutes later.
  • Read the description of the job carefully. Try to focus on how you fit the position.
  • Know the company profile thoroughly.
  • Always smile.
  • It is not shameful to not know anything. It is a shame to lie and exaggerate.
  • Do not be afraid to praise yourself.
  • Do not be silent, but do not rush.
  • Do not be afraid, look in the eyes.
  • Remember that there are questions that you might not answer.
  • Ask questions!