Posted May 23,2016

Y&K Library. Building a brand in the fashion industry. From Armani to Zara.

Author Mark Tungate

Publisher Alpina Publisher

Y&K Library

This is a book about everything you wanted to know about the world of fashion, but do not know where to find. In contrast to the luxurious encyclopaedias on the history of the fashion industry and fitted with colorful full-color illustrations, this book is universal. Tangeyt affects both history and the present mode, focuses on the well-known brand and masterfully spins the entire spiral of development.

Why book “Building a brand in the fashion industry” worth reading:

  • Globalization VS individualization of how brands retain their uniqueness, while keeping pace with the times?
  • Exclusive brands – not ostentatious but true luxury;
  • fighting qualities in the fashion business – what are they needed?
  • push the boundaries of time and space: the fashion industry’s most famous capitals in the world in their ceaseless development.

The book is intended for a wide readership, but of particular interest will be those who are in any way associated with the fashion industry, specialists in marketing, advertising, branding and PR, as well as simply dandies and ladies.